It’s time to stop talking about wealth management and start talking about wealth empowerment, not just for athletes, but for everyone.

A Financial Masterpiece

This book a fantastic book

“Jonathan Scott [and Rob Welsh] has a fantastic book that transcends the understanding of wealth. It’s about so much more than money – it’s about personal growth, faith, and attitude. It is a monumental book told through monumental stories!”

BOB BEAUDINE, President/CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, Best Selling Author of The Power of WHO! and 2 Chairs

Financial Wisdom for all ages!

Whether you’re just starting out in life as a teenager, young adult, or well into your earning years this book is packed with great nuggets of wisdom that will set you on the right path or get you back on track! A financial handbook that simplifies not only “How Money Works” but just as important “How to keep more of what you earn.”

theguardian-xsmallJennifer Frye

The financial advice you wish you had as a young adult.

Tax brackets, IRAs, 401k, and all the other financial terms a good portion on the population have heard of but couldn’t explain them to save their life. The Winning Playbook felt like sitting in an accounting class for dummies in all the best ways. What we lack in education in our schools on these topics, was made up in this handy little book that paired relatable stories, interviews, and a dual perspective to explain strategies in a way everyone can understand. Not a typical book that I’d read for pleasure, this was packed with some great breakdowns and advice for saving, investing, and general understanding of finances. This is a quick read that you can read in an evening but can be heavy on the education portion and would best be split into sections so you absorb all the goodness these two authors have packed in… or you could read in and sitting and save to reference back when that new job brings up their matching policy- either approach works!

theguardian-xsmallCharlotte Rouse

Great book for building financial awareness!

This is a must read, whether you are about to embark on a career in professional sports or are looking to learn how to build a secure financial foundation. This book offers a variety of helpful financial nuggets that I believe are the crucial in building financial security.


Simple, clear and informative!

After reading the Winning Playbook (Strategies for Life on and off the Field) I was amazed at how simple and clear it can be regarding your finances and tax strategies. They take a (for most people) a complex subject and simplify it so you can understand it in straight forward terms. This book teaches you to ask questions so you can understand clearly what you are doing with your money (or maybe what you shouldn’t be doing with your money!). This is a Great book, I will be sharing with all of my family and friends!

theguardian-xsmallTodd Hatfield

Financial Advice to Follow

I have often wondered how sports stars go broke. I learned a lot about how that happens in this book. Written by pros, this book gives a great overview of all the costs associated with being a sports professional and explains strategies for athletes to be financially responsible. The awesome thing is these strategies could apply to anyone.

I have a nephew who will be in the pros in the coming years, he’s still in high school, but highly sought after. I’m going to give him and his parents a copy of this book. Most of us have not been taught how to organize our finances effectively, and a tool like this can help.

theguardian-xsmallThe Bookish Abyss

Great info for everyone!

I’ve read a lot of books containing advice for making life better and although I’ll never be a professional athlete, I found The Winning Playbook a compelling read. It’s well written and full of good advice anyone can apply. This book should be part of your library.

theguardian-xsmallVaughn R Cook

Easy to read…Easy to understand!

This is a must read for all ages…teaches you everything about finance that they didn’t teach in college. This info transcends into life skills that everyone needs to know. Wonderful addition for my adult age children!

theguardian-xsmallMary C

Lance Allred, first legally deaf player in NBA history, author, inspirational speaker

As a former professional athlete, this book speaks so much wisdom about finances that I wish I had known when I first started my career- that I had to learn the hard way.
While it leans towards specific athlete pain points, the actual application of the financial information is for EVERYONE.
It will be a constant reference book for me as I work with aspiring athletes in my nonprofit.

theguardian-xsmallLance Allred, Former Athlete

The simplicity of this book is the power to financial and life freedom!

This book has been stripped of non-essentials and its simplicity is the genius.
No matter one’s level of financial understanding or strategies you will walk away with a clearer picture of how to build wealth for yourself and your families family. Buckle up if you are ready for your life to change as you will develop a new mindset and direction to travel.

theguardian-xsmallDr. Kenny Harless

Awesome information

I received a promotional copy of The Winning Playbook and I’ll be sharing it with every young athletes family I know. This is an essential read if you’re looking to create a long term strategy for your financial and personal life.

theguardian-xsmallKristen Oconnell

Wonderful wisdom for all aspects of your life !!

This is a must read for all future athletes but also for anyone looking for wisdom and guidance. One person found this helpful

theguardian-xsmallRobert K McCammon

Proven Knowledge that’s been applied for many situations.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to build a strong financial foundation for their family. In addition, this book outlines not just how the “financial system” works, but step-by-step strategies to apply its inner workings to achieve financial goals. So many times in life we make wrong decisions that with more information and understanding we could have saved years on the path of our financial journey. This is a financial handbook that takes the complexity of how money works and provides clarity for anyone on any level. Thank you for the wisdom and knowledge that both of you have shown by writing such an insightful book. One person found this helpful


theguardian-xsmallAmazon Customer

Educational and interesting!

“It’s also important to enjoy the journey. Be humble, treat people as you would like to be treated, find opportunities to add value to others, and watch how the blessings come back to you. Giving is always more rewarding then receiving.”

“If you complain about your adversity, you lose sight of the blessing.”

“To develop a stellar business mindset, you must be a lifelong learner.”

BLURB: We hear so many stories of athletes who have been taken advantage of or who simply didn’t have a purpose after their careers came to an end. This doesn’t have to happen. Learn how money and taxes work. Learn how to keep more of your hard-earned money and put it to work for you so that you never have to worry about money again. Learn what to look for in a financial and business team. Turn your career into your money-making machine, and become the CEO of your enterprise and legacy. Find your purpose beyond the ball and prepare for a life afterward that is rewarding and makes a difference. In addition, parents will learn how to select an agent and what specific questions to ask, taking the confusion out of the process.

My thoughts: Aside from my financial training I have done as a banker, this was my first financial guide book I’ve ever read, and because it had to do with professional athletes and everyone involving them, it was a pretty interesting, educational read. I love the NFL so it was extremely interesting to learn about and put into perspective the reality of the situation of their financials… we all think that NFL players have it made with million dollar contracts, but so much of that is not theirs to keep, and their career only lasts so long, so it’s important that they look to the future, after the stardom is over, I think the authors really brought this out and shared very fantastic first hand knowledge and experiences to help everyone in the professional sports enterprise as well as just us normal physically uncoordinated people!!

theguardian-xsmallJahara Morris

Best Author Of His Generation

This book will change your perspective on life

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